Laboratory Close-Out, Relocation or Equipment Release Form

1. Policy - When laboratories are to be relocated, renovated, vacated or closed, all chemical, radioactive, and biological or other hazardous materials must be removed and disposed of in accordance with applicable EPA, OSHA, NIH, CDC, and other regulations. Equipment and items that may pose a potential danger to people or the environment must be properly decontaminated prior to movement or disposal. Failure to comply with this policy may result in sanctions.

DEHS certification of proper Lab Close-Out is required when:

      • Leaving the University

      • Relocating to another lab space

      • Major lab renovations

      • Movement of equipment from the laboratory for surplus, repair or relocation

Prior to submitting the Lab Close-Out Notification web-form at the bottom of this page, you will be required to certify that you have read the entire UofL Policy for Lab Close-Out.

2. Summary of the Lab Close-Out Process -

    • The UofL Lab Safety Close-Out Procedures (pdf) is a detailed checklist for ensuring proper close-out of laboratories. You should review this document well in advance of your target date for vacating the laboratory.

    • Notify DEHS of the upcoming lab close-out by submitting the Lab Close-Out Notification web-form at the bottom of this page. Be sure to allow several weeks notice so that DEHS can make provisions for staff availability and to ensure you will have time to complete the lab close-out checklists. Checklist items that do not apply to the lab should be noted “not applicable” (n/a).

    • The Principal Investigator (PI) (or designee) must contact the Lab Safety Coordinator (852-2830) to confirm the date and time of the final inspection so DEHS can certify proper lab close-out. The inspector will review the completed checklists with the PI and inspect the lab space. If the inspection is satisfactory DEHS will issue a Lab Close-Out Certification Form. Copies of the signed form will be sent to the PI vacating the lab and the Department Head.

    • If you have questions about any items on the checklists contact the appropriate DEHS staff member. Contact information is provided in the Lab Close-Out Guide.

    • Be aware that radioactive, biological or hazardous chemical waste MAY NOT BE MOVED to a new location. Be sure to request waste pick-ups in advance so that all any regulated waste is out of the lab prior to the close-out inspection.

3. Additional information for those moving to a new lab space - The UofL Lab Safety Move-In Guide (pdf) provides detailed information on setting up your new lab to ensure compliance with environmental health and safety requirements. DEHS staff will inspect the new lab location and assist you in this process

4. Lab Close-Out Notification Form (below)


    Lab Close-Out or Equipment Release  

    Policy Confirmation  

    Procedure Confirmation  

    Preferred date and time of DEHS visit to vacated lab for final walkthrough and certification  
    //   :
    Please indicate which materials or equipment are applicable to your lab (the one you are vacating)  

    If you have questions on submitting this form, contact the Lab Safety Coordinator or call 852-2830.

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