Lab Safety Assessment Program

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety has developed a lab safety assessment program that will create a collaborative safety culture at the University of Louisville. It will encourage open communication between lab personnel and DEHS through a comprehensive approach to chemical, biological, and general lab safety and will integrate lab-tailored training opportunities as part of the assessment process.

Workflow of the lab safety assessment program

PI: Complete and submit request for Lab Safety Assessment consultation. Contact DEHS (852-2830) for help.

Program Components

Lab Safety Self-Assessment (printable) (PDF)
All Hazards Sign Request Form (PDF)
Lab Safety Assessment Program Workflow (PDF)

Helpful Instructions

Instructions on inputting your self-assessment into BioRAFT (PDF)
Instructions on uploading documents into BioRAFT (PDF)
Instructions on inputting your chemical inventory into BioRAFT (PDF)

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