Facility Safety Plan Status Report

The University of Louisville (UofL) Department of Environmental Health and Safety (DEHS) must submit a Department of Defense (DOD) Facility Safety Plan Status Report annually. This status report is UofL's assurance to the DOD that we provide a safe environment for our employees working in research labs in accordance with all Federal, State, and local governmental regulations.  Please review the following and complete all items as they apply to your USAMRMC grant by February 25, 2013.

During the past 12 months:
1. Have any modifications to the facility or equipment been made or new equipment purchased?

2. Have any new hazards been identified for the award supported by the USAMRMC?

3. Have any significant changes occurred in the use of radioactive materials?

4. Are there any additional radioactive materials in use?

5. Have there been any other changes to your approved grant during the last year?

Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)
CHP and Annual Review Requirement:
OSHA requires an annual update of the Chemical Hygiene Plan. What was the date of annual update?

Annual CHP Review Checklist:

1. Did you review lab-specific text in the CHP and update it?

2. Did you update your chemical inventory?

3. Did you update the training records of new lab employees on the cover page?

4. Did you ensure that there are up-to-date written SOP's for any highly hazardous chemicals-carcinogens, reproductive toxins and highly acutely toxic chemicals?

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