Biological Safety

The Biological Safety Program provides guidance to UofL faculty, staff and students on the safe use of biohazardous agents in research and clinical activities. The program is committed to biological safety, health, environmental protection and compliance, being based on current government regulations, guidelines and standards of care in the field.

Principal Investigators have primary responsibility for implementation of UofL policies and procedures which must be followed by all faculty, staff and students. Planning for and implementation of biological safety must be part of every research and clinical activity in which biohazardous agents are used.

Questions regarding the Biological Safety Program can be directed to the University's Biological Safety Officer, or call 852-6670.


Biohazardous Use Registrations & Authorization ( Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) )
Biological & Infectious WasteBiological Safety Manual (PDF)
Biological Safety Cabinet Use (PDF)Bloodborne Pathogens Program
Requirements for Grants & ContractsSelect Agents
Special Animal Safety Protocols (SASPs)Shipping & Receiving of Biohazardous/Infectious Material


Biosafety Training Policy (PDF)Bloodborne Pathogens Training
Basic Biosafety TrainingIATA Training: Infectious & Biological Material Packing & Shipping
NIH Guidelines TrainingSelect Agent Regulations Training

Forms & Documents

Biohazard Sign Request (Word)Biological Safety Cabinet Certifier List (PDF)
Biological Safety Laboratory Checklist (Word)Emergency SOP for Exposure to Biohazards (Word)
Emergency SOP for Biohazardous Spills (Word)Institutional Biosafety Committee Application/Registration
Laboratory Close-Out FormRisk Communication for Infectious Agents (Word)

Regulations & Guidelines

NIH GuidelinesBiosafety in Microbiological & Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) (PDF)
NIH Incident Reporting FAQ (PDF)Animal Experiments Covered Under the NIH Guildines (PDF)
NIH Incident Reporting Template (Word)CDC/USDA Select Agents
Transgenic Animals & the Use of Recombinant DNA in Animals (PDF)

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