Hispanic/Latino Facts in KY


  • According to the Census 2010, in Kentucky, the Hispanic population represented 3.1 percent of the population. Of the 132,836 Hispanic residents in Kentucky last year, 72,897 (121 percent) were added from 2000 to 2010.[i]
  • For the academic year 2009-2010 Hispanic/Latino(a)s comprised less than 2% of the undergraduate population of the University of Louisville. In 2010-2011 our student population has increase to a 2% of the undergraduate population. [ii]
  • Some of those who are on campus feel left out or disenfranchised due to low representation.
  • There are very few Hispanic/Latino(a) mentors for students on campus.
  • Hispanic/Latino(a)s is the fastest growing under-represented group in this and many other communities. We must provide support for these students and help facilitate a meaningful experience that culminates in their successful graduation.


[i] http://www.census.gov/prod/cen2010/briefs/c2010br-04.pdf

[ii] http://www.louisville.edu/institutionalresearch

Map was obtained from Kentucky State Data Center