Weekly Programming

Let's Talk Lunch

These are a series of informal lunch conversations designed to bring staff, faculty, students and com-munity members together in a collegial and safe environment to discuss issues important to our community. Every first and third Wednesday each month from noon to -1pm in the Cultural Center Multipurpose Room.


Faculty Colloquim

These monthly discussions center on issues of diversity pertinent to faculty and academic administrators. Discussions focus or relate to current issues of under-served/under-represented populations on campus, and are designed to provide dialogue and resources for participants that improve the success of our campus community. The overall goals of the colloquia are to provide a forum for the university community on diversity, with emphasis on dialogue that will enhance institutional collaboration, and identify student diversity challenges and ways to mitigate those challenges. These discussions are held every second Wednesday of each month from 12:00pm-1:00pm in the Cultural Center Multipurpose Room.


International Opportunities Luncheon

The “International Tea” is an event that the International Center hosts every semester providing lunch and an hour of enjoyable conversation, allowing the international students to connect with others and learn more about the sources available for them on campus. In addition to their teas and in collaboration with the International Center, the Cultural Center hosted teas every 4th Wednesday of each month.


Graduate Seminars

The prospective graduate student seminars will be held once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester in the Cultural Center from 11:30 - 1 p.m. The seminars are designed to inform current undergraduate students about the options for graduate study. An informal, interactive presentation will be followed by a panel of current graduate students from different disciplines, on hand to provide their personal experiences as master’s and/or doctoral students. The seminar topics will be widespread and will address issues applicable for graduating seniors (graduate school application requirements, deadlines, interview tips) along with ideas for underclassmen to consider early such as grades, graduate program options, and GRE review. The seminars will address specific policies and application procedures for graduate study at UofL but will also provide tips and information for graduate study elsewhere, in general terms. A FREE LUNCH will be provided at all sessions.