Clinical Research Resources

Contacting the Core

Refer to the Clinial Trials Unit contact page.


  • Provide and coordinate a range of participant/clinical interaction resources

  • Integrate UofL’s clinical research program with the KentuckyOne Health network and with the CHI Institute for Research and Innovation (CIRI).

  • Develop a qualitative and quantitative process for comprehensively evaluating investigator needs/requirements through collaboration with the other CTSI cores in order to create additional resources for clinical research.

  • Provide resources that support the research activities of junior faculty and trainees enrolled in CTSI mentoring programs.

  • Provide a clearinghouse for medical information for the community and for community physicians/healthcare partners.




Expert in pediatric critical care and clinical pharmacology. Serves as overall director. Focuses on enhancing pediatric research across KentuckyOne sites and responsible for ensuring that IDeA-supported junior investigators get adequate access to our clinical trial resources. Evaluates need for new resources and utilization of existing resources.


Portrait of Jason Chesney, MD, PhD
Jason Chesney, MD, PhD



James Graham Brown Cancer Center
University of Louisville Health Science Center
Louisville, Kentucky 40202



Focuses on integrating CIRI into existing UofL and KentuckyOne clinical trials sites.