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  The CTSI Community Connections Group is led by:

Daniel Hall, Esq. 
Vice President for Community Engagement
Dan Hall

Faye Jones, M.D., Ph.D., M.S.P.H., Co-Director, is a Professor of V. Faye JonesPediatrics, and Director of the University Child Health Specialists Clinic, a primary care pediatric clinic. In this capacity, she has been involved in clinical research. Dr. Jones also serves as the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and is responsible for Minority and Rural Affairs for the School of Medicine. Her administrative responsibilities include directing the state Area Health Education Centers (AHEC). The program provides educational opportunities for pre-and professional individuals throughout the state of Kentucky and serves as a community resource for dissemination of health related information.  Dr. Jones facilitates the recruitment and retention of dental and medical students, and faculty from minority and underserved populations.  Dr. Jones has been appointed to the Kentucky Institute of Medicine. She is a previous trainee of Dr. Hornung’s through the CREST Program.  She will devote 10% effort (5% NIH support, 5% cost share) to CARE with specific responsibility for objective 3, the early adopters program.


Irma N. Ramos, MD, Co-Director, is an Assistant Professor in tIrma Ramoshe Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, SPHIS and Director of the Community Outreach and Education Core, a community-based participatory action program, of the NIEHS P30 grant at UofL.  She has expertise in pediatrics, medical outreach and health education with extensive participatory research experience.  Before coming to Louisville, she directed the community outreach and education program at the Texas A&M University Center for Environmental and Rural Health.  She will devote 20% effort (10% cost shared) to CARE in participatory research with Vice President Hall and the community coordinators to assist with objective1 and will coordinate objective 4.
Kerri Remmel, M.D., Ph.D, Co-Director, Associate Professor of Neurology at UofL, is the Associate Dean for Clinical DevelopmKerri Remmelent and Regionalization at the School of Medicine.  She implements strategies to enhance UofL’s clinical activities and promote the capabilities and offerings of its medical, dental, nursing and allied health providers to key regional stakeholders, including hospitals, private practices, community groups and local and state government. She is the director of the UofL Robotics statewide program and of the UofL Hospital Stroke Center.  She will devote 10% (5% NIH support, 5% cost share) of her time with primary responsibility for objective 3, increasing community clinical research capacity.
 Rita Thomas Wedig, PhD, RD, LD, Co-Director, has extensive  experience in recruitment for pediatric clinical trials in the rural counties of Western Kentucky as the owner of T & W Research, a contract laboratory for pediatric clinical trials.  She serves on the Steering Committee for Kentucky Health Alliance, the statewide Partnership for a Fit Kentucky, Kentucky’s Coalition for Women, and Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Movement Advisory Council (Louisville Putting Prevention to Work).  The Partnership for a Fit Kentucky provides professional assistance to the Commissioner of Health and is instrumental in lobbying for health care laws, (SB172).  Dr. Wedig is the Administrative Director of the Health Sciences Center Research Office and Adjunct Professor of Nursing.   She will devote 40% effort (cost-shared by UofL) to the CARE mission, specifically objectives 1, 2 and 3; and integrate the CARE Core with the Regulatory and PCIR Cores for clinical research participant recruitment.
Matthew Zahn, MD, Co-Director, is the Interim Director and Medical Director of the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness and an Associate Professor in the Division of Infectious Disease, Department of Pediatrics, Kosair Children's Hospital.  He has been instrumental in documenting the environmental effects of pollution on residents living in and around Rubbertown, a manufacturing district with known pollution and water “spills”.   Dr. Zahn has been working with Dr. Troutman, previous CARE Core Director and Director LMPHW, in the Louisville Putting Prevention to Work Program and will coordinate the numerous activities of the $7.9M CDC grant.  He will coordinate the large resident and community advisory groups and the patient care clinics of LMPHW.  For the Care Core he will participate in accomplishing Objectives 1 and 3. 


•Increase clinical trial participation

•Develop the infrastructure to coordinate and evaluate programs and clinical trials participation

•Formalize a dentistry, advanced practice nurse and physician network and integrate practitioners

•Coordinate efforts by the colleges/schools at the UofL in education of health professionals in community research


Community Research Advisory Board

Community Advisory Board Meeting Minutes


Signature Partnership

Campus Health Initiative  

Chronic Care Model

Living Well Workshops


KY Summer Med./Dental  

Mini Medical School

STAR Autism Program

Reach Out and Read (formerly Bookstart)

Interactive Reading Program  

Prevention Program:Sleep

Pediatric Clinical Trials Unit  

Neonatal education symposium  

Kentucky Cancer Program

Harambee Nursing Center

KY Race Health Center  

Volunteer Caregivers

Smile KY!  

Birth Defects Ctr.   

Center for Deterrence of Biowarfare and Bioterrorism

Ethnicity, Breast Cancer Recurrence, & Long-Term QOL

Psychological Services Center

Intimate Partner Violence

Trauma Outreach Coordinator:

Distance Clinical Care Through Robotics:

Partnership for a Fit KY:

Mayor's Healthy Hometown Movement:

Healthy Start Program:

Communicable Disease Program:

Center for Health Equity:

Active Living:

Liberty Green Revitalization:

Health Promotion Schools:

VNA Nazareth Home Care:

Kentucky Health Alliance:

KHA Quality Imporvement Consortium:



To contact us: 

Rita T. Wedig, Ph.D., R.D., L.D.
Administrative Director, HSC Research Office
Adjunct Professor of Nursing
Phone: 852-8024
email: Rita Wedig



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