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Checkist of Healthy Boundaries

When your boundaries are intact in a relationship, you:

  • Have clear preferences and act on them.
  • Trust your own intuition while being open to other’s opinions.
  • Have excited interest in self-enhancing hobbies and activities.
  • See your partner as stimulating your excitement, not as causing it.
  • Only do favors you choose to do (you can say “no”).
  • Appreciate feedback and can distinguish it from attempts to manipulate.
  • Integrate sex so that you can enjoy it but never at the cost of your integrity.
  • Are always aware of choices.
  • Insist others’ boundaries be as safe as your own.
  • Are living a life that mostly approximates what you always wanted for yourself.
  • Mostly feel secure and clear.
  • Protect your privacy without having to lie or without having to take pains to hide things.
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