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Grief and Loss


Grief over the loss of a loved one is personal and devastating.  Although each individual responds to loss in his/her own unique way, there are common threads of shock, denial, anger, resentment, hostility, powerlessness, and deep loneliness accompanied by the feelings that life cannot go on.  These are normal and must be dealt with as they are experienced.  Life can and will go on and the grieving person will heal and one day be able to reach out and help others in grief.


Please choose from the following topics:

General Myths about Grief
Myths about Emotions during the Grieving Process
Myths about Life during the Grieving Process
Normal Emotional Reactions during Grief
Normal Behavioral Reactions during Grief
Normal Cognitive Reactions during Grief
Techniques for Healing
Recovery from Grief
Additional Resources

Adapted from materials presented by Sr. Teresa M. McIntier, CSJ, RN, MS of the American Academy of Bereavement.

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