Emotional Support Animals

Decisions on whether to provide documentation to be included in an ESA request are made on a case-by-case basis, by your therapist. Some things to keep in mind:

  • To begin the process of applying for an Emotional Support Animal in university-owned or university-controlled housing, students must contact the Disability Resource Center. Students living off campus should contact their landlord, property owner, or rental agency for information regarding their process for requesting a service animal (SA) or ESA accommodation.
  • The Counseling Center is here to provide psychological treatment and support to students, and to help them build coping strategies. An ESA is not a substitute for treatment.
  • A therapist may consider completing the paperwork for an ESA request when the student is an active client of the Center. Requests for documentation will be considered in the context of the treatment plan, and will be provided only if the clinician is able to do so ethically and within their bounds of professional practice.
  • ULCC will not complete ESA documentation for students who present to the Center with a request but are not in counseling at ULCC.
  • We do not accept students who are seeking services for the sole purpose of obtaining an evaluation and/or recommendations for an ESA accommodation, but we will see students for therapy that is within our scope of practice. We do not provide “one-time assessments” or walk-in services solely for ESA documentation.
  • The Counseling Center does not make the determination on whether an ESA request is approved. The Disability Resource Center determines and coordinates all accommodations on campus. UofL does not have the authority to make a determination regarding off-campus or unaffiliated housing requests; those decisions are made by the respective landlord, property owner, or rental agency. 


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