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Although women have earned more than 50% of all doctoral degrees since 2006, and incorporating the fact that in 2015, male faculty members held a higher percentage of tenure positions at every type of institution even though they did not hold the highest number of faculty positions at every rank, the phrase “the higher the fewer” points out that the higher the academic rank, the fewer women one finds (ACE, 2017).

 This is particularly problematic considering that having more women in leadership can have a strong positive impact. In a small effort to contribute to women’s leadership and advancement in higher education and the workforce-at-large, COSW provides just a few links to websites, organizations, and articles.


  • American Association of University Women



  • Leadership Louisville



  •  National Council for Research on Women



  • National Women's History Project



  • University of Louisville Women’s Center



  • American Council on Education Higher Ed Spotlight

Piplelines, Pathways, and Institutional Leadership: An Update on the Status of Women in Higher Education



  • HERS



More Coming Soon!