Welcome from the Leadership

Welcome to the Commission on the Status of Women (COSW) website. COSW (COH-swah) serves as the President’s chief policy advisory group for faculty and staff gender equity.  As current Chair and Vice Chair, we invite you to review and explore how COSW positively influences the lives of women and families in their faculty and staff roles at the University of Louisville.

A highlight of the more notable changes includes the following:

  • Championing an increase in parental leave from three to six weeks;
  • Spearheading a change in The Redbook specifically listing childbirth as grounds for stopping the tenure clock if requested;
  • Collaborating with the Women’s Center to establish an on-campus children’s learning and child development center;
  • Advocating for designated lactation spaces in each UofL school;
  • Monitoring salaries of women faculty and staff for parity with their male peers; and
  • Supporting institutionalization of the PEACC program.

We are excited about the future of UofL under Dr. Bendapudi’s leadership and the future of COSW with such a strong body of advocates. COSW members work within four committees:  Communications; Integration of Work and Family; Campus Climate; and Representation, Recruitment and Retention. The following objectives will serve as the basis for some of the Commission’s goals over the next two years:

  • A formalized lactation policy
  • An equitable professional development plan for staff and faculty retention
  • Advocate for pay equity of faculty and staff
  • Recognize strong women leaders
  • Support UofL leadership to increase campus morale


We look forward to continuing our work to improve the lives of women across the University.



Sherry Duffy                                                                            Heather Fox

COSW Chair, 2018-2020                                                         COSW Vice Chair 2018-2020

Deputy Director, Commonwealth Institute of Kentucky            Archivist for Manuscript Collections

School of Public Health and Information Sciences                 Director, Oral History Center

485 E. Gray Street                                                                   Archives and Special Collections

Ph:  (502) 852-8087                                                                (502) 852-1912

sherry.duffy@louisville.edu                                                 heather.fox@louisville.edu