"Meeting the 21st Century: Access, Opportunity and Achievement"

Vision Statement

The University of Louisville leads the Commonwealth of Kentucky in cultivating a campus environment characterized by mutual respect, care, trust, and support of all employees, regardless of gender or race.

As the Urban University and one of the largest employers in the most diverse community in the Commonwealth, the University of Louisville embraces its responsibility to lead by example.  The University annually prepares thousands of students to be active, contributing citizens.  Our nation, and therefore the workplace, have become increasingly diverse.  This trend will continue well into the next century, affecting the University workplace as well as the workplaces of our graduates.  One very real dimension of diversity is the increasing number of women in the workplace.  Men's and women's experiences, expectations, roles, and values are undergoing fundamental changes.  The University acknowledges these changes, and in the interest of fairness and equity, has embarked on the challenging task of changing its organizational culture in response to the changing needs of society.

A culture of support is a distinguishing feature of the University of Louisville.  The University recognizes and validates women's work perspectives.  All three campuses provide an open and safe climate where the criteria for success and achievement incorporate the unique skills and values women bring to the institution.  The University believes a campus environment that emphasizes collegiality and cooperation is more productive than an environment that fosters competition.

The University of Louisville recognizes employees are its single greatest and most valuable resource.  Fiscal restraints are anticipated to continue to the foreseeable future.  The University cannot afford to squander any valuable resources.  Therefore, the University wisely invests in its human resources, nurturing and actively encouraging all employees to develop to their fullest potential.  Employee contributions and achievements are rewarded in meaningful ways.  This support of accomplishment is balanced with humane concern for personal and family values and responsibilities, enhancing job satisfaction and job performance.

The University of Louisville celebrates its diversity and willingly assumes its position as both a leader in academe and the community.  The University of Louisville demonstrates its commitment to gender equity through a record of accomplishment in recruitment, development, and retention of women.  Women are clearly visible and active in key leadership and decision making positions at all levels of the University.  The University of Louisville is a model for all citizens of the Commonwealth, demonstrating that each individual can maximize her or his potential, regardless of gender or race.