Committee Descriptions

Communications Committee

The Communications committee is a standing committee and will be responsible for the dissemination and publication of COSW information to membership and the university community.  Items the committee will develop and maintain can include the following:

  • Website, newsletter and calendar
  • Annual goals and report of accomplishments
  • Nomination and new membership information
  • Meetings, elections and regular business
  • Commission events


Committee on Campus Climate

The Committee on Campus Environment will monitor the university’s provision of a safe and secure environment for all members of the campus community and will play active role in maintaining this environment through direct participation in programs and services. This includes COSW’s continued partnership with the Department of Public Safety, the Prevention, Education, Advocacy on Campus and in the Community (PEACC) program, and the Women’s Center. The facets of a safe and secure environment include: physical security, sexual harassment policy and training, and women’s advocacy programs.


Committee on Representation, Recruitment and Retention  

The Committee on Representation, Recruitment and Retention will promote gender balance in all employee categories and support programs in career development and mentoring for women.  The committee will assist in the implementation of the recommendations of the 1994 Task Force regarding the hiring of women, promotion of women to administrative/managerial positions and the mentoring of women in preparation for more senior positions.  


Committee on Integration of Work and Family

The university shall acknowledge the importance of balance in the lives of its employees.   This shall include respect for the importance of family and community.  This respect shall be demonstrated through the development and implementation of policies with humane concern for personal and family values and responsibilities.  This climate will foster equally the achievements of women and men.  The committee on integration of work and family will monitor these various policies including the quality of benefits such as health insurance, leave policies, child care programs, and tuition subsidies for children. This committee will also be responsible for the development of programs/workshops to be held on an annual basis to address current topics related to the integration of work and family.


Committee chairs and members can be found on the Membership page.