Copyright Guidelines and Resources


University Libraries provides Copyright Permission Services for a variety of teaching materials including coursepacks. A coursepack is essentially a set of readings tailored for a specific course and at the direction of the course instructor. The readings may come from journal articles, books, or other sources that the instructor has assembled. Students would purchase the coursepack at the UofL Bookstore. Processing requests for permission to use copyrighted materials can take several weeks. Adhering to deadlines is central to timely availability of your materials. Typically permissions for a specific use last only one semester and you must resubmit a request each semester. For more details and additional information, visit the Copyright Permission Services website.

Be advised that there are costs associated with the production of a coursepack. Coursepack prices will vary depending upon royalty fees and printing costs. You can expect Copyright Permissions Services (CPS) to keep you updated on the production costs of your course pack as well as the royalty fees for the material that you have selected. CPS will contact you if any royalty fees are unexpectedly high and get your approval before proceeding with production. Coursepacks are made available for purchase at the university bookstore.

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