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Conflicts of Interest


Where can I find University Conflict of Interest (COI) policies?

To Whom do University COI policies apply?

  • University of Louisville's Addressing Potential Individual COI policy applies to all Covered Individuals (University employees), which includes faculty, staff and administration. It also includes other individuals with responsibility for the design, performance, or reporting of Institution research, regardless of pay or enrollment status. It also includes individuals conducting research at the University of Louisville, or using University of Louisville researchers, or using University of Louisville facilities or resources.


Why did I receive an email to complete an Attestation and Disclosure Form?

  • According to UofL COI Policy, Covered individuals (who are Faculty, Institutional Officials, or individuals conducting research under the auspices of the University of Louisville) are required to complete the Attestation and Disclosure Form (ADF) annually, throughout their Term of Appointment. External interests and activities are reported on the ADF.    Term of Appointment means the duration of an individual's University employment, status as student or affiliation with the institution. Special circumstances also exist which might require the filing of an updated ADF during the course of the year. The updated ADF must be filed within 30 calendar days of a change.  You received a notification because a current form was not on file with the COI Program.  The ADF is located at: https:\\


How do I know if I am involved in research?

  • Research is defined in the Addressing Potential Individual COI policy as follows: "Means a systematic investigation designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge. The term encompasses basic and applied research, service and testing, and product development. The term includes any such activity for which research funding is available through a grant, cooperative agreement, or contract, such as a research grant, career development award, center grant, individual fellowship award, infrastructure award, institutional training grant, program project, or research resources award."  Also, if you are to be included on an IRB, IACUC and /or IBC protocol, you are involved in research.

I need to complete COI Training in order to submit a proposal for an award.   Where do I go to find and complete this required training?

  • As part of a recent change in COI regulations, all named personnel are required to have disclosures current and COI training completed prior to the set-up of the Public Health Service awards.  Required COI Training is administered via the CITI program.  Instructions for accessing the COI Training course are available for reference, as you may need to add the course onto your account with

I have read the UofL COI policies and/or have tried to complete the ADF, but still have an unanswered question.  Is there someone I contact for help?

  • We encourage individuals to contact COI Program staff with questions.   Contact information is as follow


Conflict of Interest Program

University of Louisville

Jouett Hall Room LL05

2301 South Third Street

Louisville, KY  40292

Phone:  502-852-4715

Fax:  502-852-2403










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