Snack Breaks

For small groups under 25 guests, please refer to our A la Carte menu.

Afternoon Snack Breaks

The following selections serve approximately 25-30 guests.

Fresh Fruit Platter with Grapes, Strawberries, Pineapple


Seasonal fruits and melons artistically arranged with choice of sweet dip: chocolate, raspberry, marshmallow or amaretto

Domestic Cheeses with Fresh Fruit


Cheddar, pepper jack, and smoked Gouda cheeses, and your choice of a 6” cheddar, ranch, bourbon cheddar, apple bacon or walnut bleu cheese torte garnished with grapes and strawberries and accompanied by crackers

Sliced Cheese Platter


Assortment of domestic and imported cheese slices – American, cheddar, Swiss, smoked Gouda, provolone, pepper jack garnished with grapes

Cheese Torte Platter


Homemade two-layer cheese torte or one-layer allouhette artistically molded and decorated with fresh vegetable garnish and crackers (Choose 2 for torte or 1 for allouhette: cheddar, ranch, Benedictine, bourbon cheddar pecan, vegetable ranch, salsa layered, caramelized onion with apple and bacon, pine nut and pesto, cheddar BLT, walnut bleu cheese, roasted red pepper, or smoked bacon apple)

Themed shapes available.

Whole Decorated Brie Platter


Whole two-pound French brie with your choice of praline sauce and caramelized nuts, apricot chutney with dried apricots, raspberry with toasted almonds or a tri-flavor including all three toppings served with French bread crostini and fresh fruit slices

Salmon Mousse Torte


Smoked salmon mousse layered with spinach onion mousse topped with capers and smoked salmon rosettes served with toasted bagel bites and crackers

Shrimp Mousse Torte


Shrimp mousse topped with spicy tomato horseradish cocktail sauce garnished with fresh baby shrimp and lemon served with crackers.

Crab Mousse Torte


Homemade Cajun crab mousse with capers, green onions and Cajun spices drizzled with spicy Remoulade and served with crackers

Fresh Vegetable Crudités Platter


Fresh-cut seasonal garden vegetables served around a homemade pumpernickel bread bowl with your choice of ranch, dill, spinach-leek or Dijon herb dip

Grilled and Marinated Vegetable Platter


Array of fresh grilled seasonal garden vegetables to include asparagus, mushrooms, multicolored peppers, marinated artichokes and relishes drizzled with garlic herb olive oil and served with artisan bread slices

Caprese Salad Platter


Fresh sliced Roma and gourmet tomatoes layered with mozzarella, fresh basil leaves and roasted garlic, drizzled with herb olive oil and balsamic reduction and served with artesian bread slices

Asparagus Platter


Fresh grilled asparagus topped with choice of balsamic vinaigrette, roasted garlic and grape vine tomatoes, bleu cheese crumbles and pine nuts or fresh raspberries and raspberry vinaigrette

Italian Antipasto Platter


Artistically arranged platter of imported Italian salami, prosciutto, pepperoni, marinated vegetables, sundried tomato and imported olives served with artesian bread slices

Homemade Hyroller Spirals


80 pieces, Assortment of cheddar ranch Maplewood bacon spirals, smoked turkey vegetable allouhette spirals, vegetable and Benedictine spirals, honey ham and cheddar allouhette spirals garnished with fresh grapes

Hummus Platter with Pita Triangles


Hummus platter with pita triangles, roasted garlic, feta cheese, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, red onion, tomatoes, Mediterranean olives, and cucumber relish

18" Dessert Platters

Homemade Assorted Cookie Platter

60 cookies, $74.95

Homemade Assorted Cookies and Dessert Bars Platter

50 pieces, $69.95

Homemade Brownies Platter

40 pieces, $59.95

Homemade Brownies and Dessert Bars Platter

40 pieces, $59.95

Assorted Gourmet Dessert Miniatures Platter

60 pieces, $94.95

Homemade Italian Pignoli Cookie Platter

60 pieces, $84.95

Themed Breaks

(Charged per person)

Sundae Bar

$5.00 per person

Vanilla ice cream with assorted toppings, hot fudge, whipped cream and cherries

Afternoon Snack Attack

$3.75 per person

Kettle chips, pretzels, and white corn chips with assorted dips and salsa

Movie Break

$5.00 per person*

Assorted popcorns and mini candy bars to include Reese’s, Milky Way, Snickers, Nestles, etc.

*There is a $50 machine rental charge for popcorn

Please note that for orders over $130.00, a 20% service charge will be added to all food and beverage items. For orders under $130.00, a $20.00 per hour catering staff fee will be charged in lieu of the 20% service charge. For plated lunches, a 22% service charge will apply to cover extra catering staff. For plated dinners, staff will be priced on individual needs and duration of service.

All food and beverage orders are subject to a 6% sales tax.
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