A la Carte

Items priced by dozens or gallons are not available in smaller quantities.


Item Price
Coffee (regular and decaf) $15.00 per gallon (15 cups per gallon)
Tea bags $0.95 each
Sodas (12-ounce cans) $2.00 each
Assorted 4 ounce juices $1.95 each
Ice tea $12.95 per gallon
Lemonade $12.95 per gallon
Fruit punch $12.95 per gallon
Sparkling punch $13.95 per gallon
Hot chocolate $12.95 per gallon
Hot or cold apple cider $12.95 per gallon
Milk (1/2 pint) $1.95 each
Bottled water (1 pint) $2.50 each
Cooler of ice water $14.95

Breakfast Items

Item Price
Muffins $15.95 per dozen
Assorted donuts $17.95 per dozen
Assorted danish (Regular) $15.95 per dozen
Assorted coffee cake $15.95 per dozen
Assorted turnovers $18.95 per dozen
Bagels with cream cheese $17.95 per dozen
Assorted fruit breads $15.95 per dozen
Cereal $2.95 each
Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs $1.95 each
Fruit yogurt $2.95 each
Granola topping $0.95 per person
Fresh Baked English Scones $3.25 per person (1 dozen minimum)
Fresh Baked Cinnamon Rolls $3.25 per person (1 dozen minimum)
Breakfast bars $1.95 each
Granola bars $1.95 each

Dessert and Snack Items

Item Price
Brownies $15.95 per dozen
Fresh-baked cookies $15.95 per dozen
Assorted gourmet dessert bars $15.95 per dozen
Assorted mini desserts $18.75 per dozen 0r $1.95 each
Pretzels $1.50/person
Individual bags of chips $1.50 each
Freshly Popped Popcorn $1.95/person, $50 machine rental fee
Carmel corn $1.95/person
Peanuts 1.95/person
Party mix 1.95/person
Goldfish crackers $1.95/person
Mixed nuts $3.50/person
Fresh cut fruit $2.95 per person
Whole fruit $2.50 each
Chips and salsa $2.50/person
Candy bars $1.95 each
Power bars $3.50 each
Ice cream bars $3.50 each
Fruit kabobs $2.95 per person
Veggies and Dips platter - (spinach, leek, dill , and garden ranch) $62.95 (up to 25 people)
Cheese platter garnished with grapes and crackers $62.95 (15-25 people)
Soft pretzels with cheese sauce $3.50 per person
Trail Mix $1.90/person
Cajun Snack Mix $1.90/person
Biscotti $2.50 per pound
Please note that for orders over $130.00, a 20% service charge will be added to all food and beverage items. For orders under $130.00, a $20.00 per hour catering staff fee will be charged in lieu of the 20% service charge. For plated lunches, a 22% service charge will apply to cover extra catering staff. For plated dinners, staff will be priced on individual needs and duration of service.

All food and beverage orders are subject to a 6% sales tax.
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