A la Carte

Items priced by dozens or gallons are not available in smaller quantities.


Item Price
Coffee (regular and decaf) $13.56 per gallon (15 cups per gallon)
Tea bags $0.65 each
Sodas (12-ounce cans) $2.00 each
Assorted 4 ounce juices $1.30 each
Ice tea $12.50 per gallon
Lemonade $12.50 per gallon
Fruit punch $12.50 per gallon
Sparkling punch $13.60 per gallon
Hot chocolate $13.00 per gallon
Hot or cold apple cider $13.00 per gallon
Milk (1/2 pint) $1.10 each
Bottled water (1 pint) $2.10 each
Cooler of ice water $15.60

Breakfast Items

Item Price
Muffins $15.60 per dozen
Assorted donuts $16 .70 per dozen
Assorted danish (Regular) $15.60 per dozen
Assorted coffee cake $15.60 per dozen
Assorted turnovers $18 .75 per dozen
Bagels with cream cheese $15.60 per dozen
Assorted fruit breads $15.60 per dozen
Cereal $2.60 each
Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs $1.88 each
Fruit yogurt $2.60 each
Granola topping $0.50 per person
Fresh Baked English Scones $3.10 per person (1 dozen minimum)
Fresh Baked Cinnamon Rolls $3.19 per person (1 dozen minimum)
Breakfast bars $1.60 each
Granola bars $1.60 each

Dessert and Snack Items

Item Price
Brownies $15.60 per dozen
Fresh-baked cookies $15.60 per dozen
Assorted gourmet dessert bars $15.60 per dozen
Assorted mini desserts $18.75 per dozen 0r $1.60 each
Pretzels $4.20 per pound
Individual bags of chips $1.30 each
Popcorn $4.20 per pound
Carmel corn $5.00 per pound
Peanuts $4.20 per pound
Party mix $8.30 per pound
Goldfish crackers $8.30 per pound
Mixed nuts $17.70 per pound
Fresh cut fruit $2.60 per person
Whole fruit $2.10 each
Chips and salsa $8.30 per pound
Power bars / candy bars $1.90 each
Ice cream bars $3.10 each
Fruit kabobs $2.50 per person
Veggies and Dips platter - (spinach, leek, dill , and garden ranch) $62.50 (up to 25 people)
Cheese platter garnished with grapes and crackers $62.50 (15-25 people)
Soft pretzels with cheese sauce $3.40 per person
Trail Mix $8.30 per pound
Cajun Snack Mix $8.30 per pound
Biscotti $2.50 per pound
Please note that for orders over $130.00, an 18% service charge will be added to all food and beverage items. For orders under $130.00, an $18.00 per hour catering staff fee will be charged in lieu of the 18% service charge. For plated meals, a 22% service charge will apply to cover extra catering staff.
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