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Call for Papers


17th Biennial University Government Industry

Micro/nano Symposium

Louisville, KY

July 13 – July 16, 2008


The purpose of this symposium is to bring together leading educators and researchers from university, government, and industry around the world to promote the various exciting fields of micro/nanotechnology. Representatives of university micro/nano fabrication facilities, ranging from new start-up labs to nationally recognized facilities, have found this symposium an excellent forum for exchanging information and presenting new research and educational concepts. Government agencies such as NSF, NIH, NIST, SEMATECH, SRC, DoD and ONR regularly participate with research papers and updates on funding opportunities. Industry interactions with universities, including technology transfer, collaborative research, and training efforts are frequently presented.



Scope of the UGIM symposium:


  • New Initiatives in University micro/nano programs, courses, laboratories, technology transfer, and industry interaction
  • Government-University micro/nano research programs
  • Micro/nano research projects in the areas of devices, materials, simulation, design, processing, testing, and reliability
  • Process development, manufacturing, statistical process control and design of experiments
  • MEMS and microelectronic programs, courses, applications, processing, interactions, and research
  • Standard silicon and compound semiconductors
  • Bioengineering and biotechnology activities related to micro/nanotechnology
  • Nanotechnology and nanofabrication
  • Metrology, sensors and actuators
  • University micro/nano research facilities and their operation
  • Industry efforts in micro/nanotechnology including technology transfer

Keynote Speakers:

Abbie Gregg, President of AGI (Abbie Gregg, Inc.)
Abbie Gregg is president of AGI which is recognized as one of the leading cleanroom and engineering consulting firms in the world

Dr. Stephen Campbell, Professor of ECE, University of Minnesota
Dr. Campbell is Director of the Minnesota Nano Fabrication Center and author of the popular engineering text The Science and Engineering of Microelectronic Fabrication

Dr. Rajinder Khosla, National Science Foundation Program Director
Dr. Khosla is the director of the Electronics, Photonics, and Device Technology (EPDT) and Integrative Systems (IS) Programs in the Electrical and Communications Systems (ECS) Division

Dr. Mark Lundstrom, Professor of ECE, Purdue University
Dr. Lundstrom is the founding director of the national NSF-funded Network for Computational Nanotechnology.

General Chair
Kevin M. Walsh
University of Louisville
(502) 852-0826

Organizing Committee
Mark Crain, Louisville
Robert Keynton, Louisville
Shamus McNamara, Louisville


Technical Committee:

Bill Flounders, UC Berkeley
Eric Martin, Harvard
John Shott, Stanford
David Parent, San Jose State
Greg Cibuzar, Minnesota
Robert Pearson, RIT
Jack Judy, UCLA
James Davidson, Vanderbilt
Stephen Parke,
Tenn Tech
Jason Heikenfeld,
Bedri A. Cetiner, 
Utah State
Bruce Hinds,
Zhi Chen
, Kentucky
Bruce Alphenaar, Louisville
Cindy Harnett, Louisville
Lynn Fuller, RIT
Michael Simpson, ORNL
Laura Morris Edwards, ORNL
Marcus Spiker, Navy / EG&G
Rekha Pai, NRL
Carl Sullivan, Lexmark
Jeff Banker, Midwest Micro Devices
Tim Betzner, Delphi
CV Pham, Teledyne
Robert Cohn, Louisville
Peter Ye, Purdue
John Weaver, Purdue
Vijay Singh, Kentucky
John Leon, Irvine Sensors
Yogesh Gianchandani, U. Michigan
Criag Grimes, Penn State University
Franco Cerrina, U. Wisconson



Abstracts (one text page + one figure page) must be submitted electronically on the symposium web site by March 10, 2008. Authors should indicate preference for oral or poster presentation, as well as their institution and contact information. Final manuscripts (6 pages maximum) must then be submitted electronically by April 21, 2008. These manuscripts, both papers (20 minute presentation) and posters, will be published in the symposium proceedings.


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