Institutional Compliance

Providing independent oversight of the University's Compliance Program

Institutional Compliance Committee Membership Roster

Institutional Compliance Committee Charter

Leadership Team:

1. Institutional Compliance Officer, Chair – Vacant

2. Research Allison Ratterman, Director Research Integrity Program

3. Business Services Vacant

4. Finance – Susan Wilhelm, Director Grants and Contracts Accounting

5. Information Security – Kim Adams, Chief Information Security Officer

Additional Full ICC Members:

6. Privacy - Gwen Holland, Interim Privacy Officer

7. Human Resources – Vacant

8. Athletics John Carns, Sr. Associate Athletic Director for Compliance

9. Health Affairs –Vacant

10. Human Subjects – Becky Higgins, Director Human Studies Protection Program

11. Environmental Health and Safety – Cheri Hildreth, Director Environmental Health & Safety

12. Research Resources Facility – William King, Assistant VP Research Resources

13. Technology Transfer - Holly Symonds Clark, Deputy Director - Innovations Unit - Technology Transfer

14. Clinical Contracts Division & Office of Industry Engagement Vacant

15. Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) – Judy Bristow, Director SPA

16. Purchasing – Vacant, Director of Purchasing

17. Information Technology Vacant

18. Enrollment Management – Joe Dablow, Director Enrollment Management Ops and Planning

19. Student Affairs – Frank Mianzo, Assistant to VP Student Affairs, Director of Technology

20. Faculty Representative – Robert Staat, Professor, School of Dentistry

21. Faculty Representative –Vacant

22 Export and Secure Research – Will Metcalf, Senior Director of Research Development & Support

23. University Counsel (Ex Officio) – Dave King, Associate University Counsel

24. Faculty Senate (Ex Officio) – Vacant, Chair Faculty Senate

25. Staff Senate (Ex Officio) – Vacant, Chair Staff Senate

26. Student Government (Ex Officio) Vacant

27. Graduate Student Council (Ex Officio) – Vacant

28. Audit Services (Ex Officio) - Cheri Jones, Director Audit Services