Profile of Target Area

  • Twenty-two northwest census tracts bounded by the Ohio River on the north and west, Algonquin Parkway on the south and Ninth Street / Roy Wilkins Blvd. and 7th Street on the east.
  • Area has a total population of 60,749 residents

Community Assets

  • Home to 1500 businesses
  • Historic communities including Russell, Portland and Parkland
  • Physical amenities including two nationally renowned Olmsted parks (Chickasaw & Shawnee)
  • Home to Kentucky's largest concentration of African-American residents
  • Convenient location for both companies and individuals involved in time sensitive activities
  • Existing infrastructure to support business activities
  • Under-utilized assets and investment opportunities

Community Challenges

  • 22,837 or 35.7% of residents income below poverty line
  • Highest concentration of children in poverty reside in West Louisville
  • 6,613 or 38.2% of those male residents 16-64 are not in labor force
  • 24,413 or 64% of residents age 25 or older are high school graduates
  • Less than 30% of residents age 25 or older do not have any educational experience beyond high school
  • New HIV/AIDS cases reported by healthcare providers in the community show a significantly higher rate for African Americans than whites
  • The mortality rate from homicide for African Americans was six times that of whites
  • African American mortality rate from heart disease, diabetes, lung cancer, stroke and accidental death are higher than whites
  • Under-utilized assets and investment opportunities