Community Engagement Reporting

Overview of Community Engagement Reporting

Community partnership and collaboration are core elements of the University of Louisville's mission. Whether it is working with students in local public schools, helping to provide services in underserved neighborhoods, or building stronger communities internationally, UofL is committed to collaborating with partners to improve quality of life in places both near and far.

The purpose of the Community Engagement reporting system is to enable the University of Louisville to report on its service and engagement activities. It allows academic and administrative units to explore UofL partnership activities through a range of categories, and to share reports about the work we do with the community. The database provides information that demonstrates the ways in which faculty, staff, and students are partnering with the community and the ways in which the university serves the local community, the state, the region, the nation and around the world.

This data is critical for reporting on Community Engagement across the institution and is used for reporting and assessment processes related to the President’s 2020 Plan Scorecard, the SACS Institutional Accreditation process, and for affirmation as Carnegie Foundation Community Engagement University.

UofL Community Engagement projects break down into the following categories:

  • PARTNERSHIP: Ongoing collaboration with community partners for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity.
  • OUTREACH: Providing direct services, time, or resources to benefit a community or its institutions. This includes instances of public intellectualism such as talks, lectures, presentations, performances, etc.
  • CURRICULAR ENGAGEMENT: Describes the teaching, learning, and scholarship that engages faculty, students, and community in mutually beneficial and respectful collaboration.
  • ENGAGED SCHOLARSHIP: Scholarly work done in full partnership with the community. It consists of research, teaching, and the application of scholarship for the mutual benefit of the institution and community partner. 

YOU CAN REPORT ALL THROUGH THE ACADEMIC YEAR! Data collection for the 2016-2017 academic year (Summer 2016, Fall 2016, and Spring 2017) begins September 26, 2016 and ends on April 30, 2017.  Please have all data for your activities entered by this time.

Email Pat Smith , Coordinator of Community Partnership Assessment, to learn how to access the new web-based data collection system.

Instructions for filling out the Community Engagement Activity form (PowerPoint)

NOTE ABOUT SHAREPOINT: You will no longer be uploading new projects to SharePoint. However, if its helpful for any reason please feel free to review your files from the last academic year on Sharepoint.




Engagement Report (PDF)

Partnership Snapshot (PDF)

Grants related to Community Engagement (PDF)


Partnership Snapshot (PDF)


Partnership Snapshot (PDF)


Partnership Snapshot


Partnership Snapshot

Signature Partnership Study Executive Summary (Word doc)