Community Engagement Staff

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Daniel Hall, Vice President Community Engagement

Chair-Elect, APLU Council on Engagement and Outreach

  • Serves as a liaison between the President and the University and external community
  • Supports and advances university-wide community engagement and advises the President of pertinent community issues affecting the institution
  • Ensure the operation of the unit fulfills the academic mission of the University

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Ralph Fitzpatrick, Ed.D.

Associate Vice President

  • Works with the President and other senior university official in coordinating and advancing university's strategic planning initiatives
  • Serves as the University's point person in the creation of new and effective partnership between the university and the community
  • Represent the president and the university community on many civic boards

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Perry Clark

Community Engagement Associate

  • Provides administrative support to the Vice President
  • Special Projects

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Henry Cunningham, Ph.D.

Director, Community Engagement

  • Collaborates with faculty, staff and students on community engagement activities

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June Frierson Demus, MA

Program Manager for i3 Innovation Grant & Administrative Associate to the Associate Vice President

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Briaunna Polk

Clerical Assistant

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Felicia Gough

Administrative Specialist

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Research Assessment Analyst Sr.

  • Data collection, assessment and reporting

Susan Jenkins

Communications Coordinator Sr.

  • Coordinates communication initiatives i.e. newsletter & website
  • Speakers Bureau

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Susan Rhodes

Assistant to the Vice President

  • Budget preparations
  • Purchasing
  • Meeting arrangements
  • Special projects

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GO College Louisville

Joe Goodman, Academic Counselor Sr./ College Coach, Moore Traditional School

Jessy Rosenberg, Academic Counselor Sr./ College Coach, Moore Traditional School

Katrina Elliott, Academic Counselor Sr./ College Coach, The Academy @ Shawnee

Upward Bound/ Youth Toward Excellence Program (YTEP)/Talent Search

Mary Thorpe, Program Director

Tish Duvall, Assistant Director, Talent Search

Kenneth Allen, Program Coordinator

Academic Adviser: Stacey Bradley

Academic Counselor for Talent Search: Erica Gray