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Center for Predictive Medicine

In 2006, the University of Louisville formed an advisory committee of volunteers living in the communities surrounding Shelby Campus. This informal group offers advice on safety, security and other issues related to the biosafety lab believed to be of interest to their fellow neighbors.

Committee members’ suggestions have led to specific improvements in biosafety lab planning. For example, at the committee’s request, UofL used Louisville Metro’s reverse-911 system, Dialogic, to issue a test message to 5,800 homes and 1,200 businesses within a one-mile radius of the lab. This exercise demonstrated that in the event of an emergency at the lab, UofL could quickly notify thousands of people via telephone.

The committee also helped plan the April 2007 groundbreaking ceremony for the biosafety lab. One member asked that a particular biomedical researcher involved in the project be given a central role in the ceremony. Another suggested that the university run shuttles during the affair to and from the lab construction site. Both ideas helped make the groundbreaking much more than a standard “shovels and dirt” event.

For more information on ways the committee has contributed to the biosafety lab project, see the meeting minutes below:

Community advisory group minutes

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