CODRE Roster of Commissioners

First Name Last Name Term Expires Representing Department Email Address
Karan Chavis (Chair) 2021 School of Medicine
Dereck  Barr-Pulliam 2023 College of Business
Shawn Blackston 2022 Director of Auxiliary Contract Services
Erica Camp 2022 Adminv Assoc in ED-HPES
Dewey Clayton 2022 Department of political science
Fannie Cox 2022 University Libraries
Katrina  Elliott 2023 Chair for BFSA
J'Lissabeth Faughn 2022 Campus Housing
Patrick Harris 2023 Medicine/Physiology
Muriel Harris 2021 Health Promotion & Behavioral Science
Kristie Helm 2023 Medicine/Pediatrics/Pulmonology
Aria Higgins 2022 Admissions
Susan  Jenkins 2022 Community Engagement
Khotso  Libe 2022 Strategic Enrollment Manag. & Student Success
Colleen Martin 2022 Disability Resource Center, Director
Connie  Martinez 2022 International Student & Scholar Services
Aleeta  Powe 2020 College of Arts & Sciences
Ishwanzya Rivers 2022 Assistant Clinical Professor
Charles Sharp 2021 College of Business
Heather  Storer 2023 Kent School of Social Work
Daniela Terson de Paleville 2023 CEHD/ HSS
Tonia Thomas 2023 HSC Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Maria Tinnell 2020 Communication & Marketing
Enid Ttucios-Haynes 2022 Brandeis School of Law 
Muhammad Ali Institute
Marian Vasser 2021 Diversity Education & Inclusive Excellence
Jim Warner 2023 Marketing and Publications, College of Business
Carrye Wilkins 2022 UGA Administration
Kristia Worthy 2022 Academic Services - Athletics
Dwayne Compton    associate School of Medicine
Jason Deakings associate Multicultural Association of Graduate Students, President
Daphne Woolridge associate President of National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)
Craig Blakely collaborative School of Public Health and Information Sciences
Valerie Casey  collaborative Women’s Center
Oscar  Chavez  collaborative Department of Public Safety/Campus police
Dawn Heinecken collaborative Women & Gender Studies
Christina Howard collaborative Staff Senate Representative
Ricky Jones   collaborative Pan African Studies 
Tish Pletcher collaborative PEACC Center
Dave Parrott collaborative Title IX / ADA Compliance (Interim)
Carcyle Barrett ex-officio Black Faculty and Staff Association, President
Heather Fox ex-officio Commission on the Status of Women
Felix Garza ex-officio Hispanic/Latino Faculty & Staff Association, co-President
Bob Goldstein  ex-officio Vice Provost for Institutional Research, Effectiveness and Analytics
Kimber Guinn ex-officio International Center, Director (rep for Thomas Beard)
Leondra Gully ex-officio Cultural Center, Director
Lisa Gunterman ex-officio LGBT Center, Director
Maliya Homer ex-officio Black Student Union (BSU), President
Faye Jones ex-officio Office of Diversity and Equity
Mary Elizabeth  Miles ex-officio Human Resources, interim Associate Vice President
Lexi  Raikes ex-officio Student Government Association (SGA), President
David  Schultz ex-officio Faculty Senate Chair or Representative
Amy Shoemaker ex-officio Interim Vice President of Athletics (Rep. Vincent Tyra)
Nicole Sparling ex-officio Latin Student Union (LSU), President
Krista Wallace-Boaz ex-officio Faculty Senate Chair or Representative
Cecilia Yappert ex-officio Hispanic/Latino Faculty & Staff Asso. Co-Pres
Lora Cornell support staff Admin Asst School of Medicine
Cathy Elliott  support staff Commissions Office 

A term for a CODRE Commissioner is three years