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Spring 2013

Faculty Seminars

Seminars are held in the Chemistry Building, Room LL16 at 4:00 p.m. on Fridays unless otherwise specified. Refreshments are served at 3:45 p.m. For more information call (502) 852-6798.

January 11

Xuan Zhao
University of Memphis
Host:  Craig Grapperhaus
Title:  Design of Photocatalytic Systems for H2 Production

January 18

Hideki Amii
Gumma University in Japan
Host:  G.B. Hammond
Title:  Catalytic Aromatic Trifluoromethylation and Related Reactions

January 25

Tianquan Lian
Emory University
Host:  Jinjun Liu
Title:  Solar Energy Conversion Using Artificial Atoms, Molecules and Solids

February 1

Ralf Schirrmacher
Montreal Neurological Institute
Host:  G.B. Hammond
Title:  Radiochemistry and in Vivo Imaging: A Niche of Opportunity

February 8

Rajesh Sardar
Indiana University at Purdue
Host:  Frank Zamborini
Title:   Analytical Chemistry of Ultra-Small Semiconductor Nanoclusters

February 15

Aaron Sadow
Iowa State
Host:  Chris Burns
Title:   Main Groups Compounds Supported by Oxazolinylborate Ligand in Catalysis

February 22

David P. Giedroc
Indiana University
Brown & Williamson Lecturer
Host:  Richard Wittebort
Title:  Transition Metal Homeostasis in Bacterial Pathogens:  Structure and Mechanism

March 1

Ted Molinski
University of California San Diego
Brown & Williamson
Host:  Mike Nantz
Title:  Natural Products. Structure, Synthesis and Discovery at the Nanomole Scale

March 8

Theodore Goodson III
University of Michigan 
Brown & Williamson
Host:  Aleeta Powe

Title:   Useful Optical Properties of Multi-Chromophore Materials

March 15  ( Spring Break)


March 22

Mattanjah de Vries
University of California Santa Barbara
Brown & Williamson Lecturer
Host:  Jinjun Liu
Title:   Shedding Light on History One Molecule At A Time

March 29

Gloria Thomas
Xavier University of Louisiana
Host:  Aleeta Powe
title TBA

April 2 & 4

Santos Fustero
University of Valencia, Spain
Brown and Williamson Lecturer
Host:  GB Hammond

April 2, Tuesday
Seminar will be held In Chemistry Bldg  LL16     Time:  2:30 PM

April 4, Thursday   
Seminar will be held in Shoemaker Research Bldg 139    Time:  3:00 PM

April 5

Zhanxiang Zhou
UNC Greensboro
Xiang Zhang
Title:   Application of Metabolomics Approach for Mechanistic Study of Alcoholic Liver Disease

April 12

W. Paul Lee
Host:  Hunter Moseley
Title: Biochemical Reactions and Reaction Networks

Rescheduled/Fall 2013

Cora MacBeth
Emory University
Host:  Robert Buchanan
Title:  Ligand Design Strategies for Developing Biomimetic Oxidation Reactions

Student Seminars

Graduate student seminars are held in the Chemistry Building, Room LL-16 at 2:30 p.m. on Thursdays unless otherwise specified. For more information, call (502) 852-6798.

January 10

Mandatory Organizational Meeting

February 28

Tulashi Luitel (R)- Introduction Overheads Video1 Video2

March 7

March 26

Ralph Knipp (R)- Introduction Overheads Video

March 28

Rahul Jain (L)- Introduction Overheads Video

April 2

Mohamed Marei (R)- Introduction Overheads Video1 Video2
Location: MITC 201 at 2:30pm

April 4

Andrew Haddad (L)- Introduction Overheads Video

April 9

Rafael Masitas (R)- Introduction Overheads Video1 Video2

April 16

April 18

Shekhar Bhama (L)- Introduction Overheads Video

April 23

April 25

Deepika Malhotra (R)- Introduction Overheads Video

April 30

Wuyu Zhang (L)- Introduction Overheads Video
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