Knowledge is garnered in many ways and from many sources. The chemistry faculty invite colleagues from other institutions, domestic and international, to present information on their respective research. This Department Seminar is held weekly on Fridays throughout the Fall and Spring semesters at 4:00 p.m. in the Chemistry Building, Room 016 (lower level). Student Seminars are also held on Thursdays, at 2:30 p.m., in the Chemistry Building, Room 016 (lower level). This is a graduate level requirement that affords students the opportunity to perfect and demonstrate their research as well as organization, writing, and presentation skills.

9/4/2015Dr. Gary DouberlyGeorgia
9/17/2015Lit.Nour Jamhawi
9/18/2015Dr. Miguel Garcia GaribayUCLA
9/24/2015Lit.Hamzeh Telfah
9/25/2015Dr. Luis EchegoyenUTEP
10/1/2015Lit.Anam Paul
10/2/2015Dr. Hao ChenOhio U.
10/8/2015Lit.Caleb Calvary
10/9/2015Dr. Stefan FranceGaTech.
10/15/2015Lit.Amareshwari Konutham
10/16/2015Dr. Perry WangFDA
10/18 - 21/15Dr. Jean-Luc PiratENSCM
10/22/2015Lit.Faye Carvajal
10/23/2015Dr. Matthew NeeWKU
10/29/2015Lit.Pom Kharel
11/5/2015Lit.Jarrid Ronnebaum
11/6/2015Dr. Tanja CukBerkeley
11/10/2015Res. (Tues.)Elisha Okoromoba
11/12/2015Lit.Ram Hona
11/17/2015Lit. (Tues.)Emtias Chowdhury
11/19/2015Lit.Nina Saraei

11/20/2015Dr. Ryan MurelliCUNY-Brklyn