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Richard M. Higashi

Associate Professor
Associate Director of MS Development (CREAM)

Richard M. Higashi
Division: Analytical Chemistry
Specialty: Mass Spectroscopy
Phone: 502-852-7496
Website: CREAM

Education and Research Experience

1977 B.S.   University of Hawaii
1987 Ph.D. University of California Davis

Research Interests

Analytical Biochemistry research in Dr. Higashi's laboratory is currently comprised of cancer metabolism, neurological disease biochemistry, environmental [bio]chemistry, and biodefense subjects.  As co-Director of CREAM, he is responsible for Mass Spectrometry Development, utilizing all of the CREAM instruments. In addition, techniques used in his own laboratory include pyrolysis GC-MS, SPME-based GC techniques, FTIR reflectance & ATR, FTIR-microscopy, photon-correlation spectroscopy, and fluorescence techniques (excitation-emission matrix, polarization/anisotropy, FRET, lifetime, and fluorescence imaging). Prior his appointment at UofL, his laboratory at Univ. of California - Davis has worked on aspects of second-hand smoke biochemistry, wildlife ecotoxicology, biogeochemistry of pollutants and natural products, sourcing of dust and sediment by chemical signatures, oxidant impacts on pines, volatile organic profiling of biogenic sources of ozone precursors, trace element volatilization and biogeochemistry, plant nutrition/ion transport, and phyto/microbioremediation.

Publications (recent or significant)

The Promise of Metabolomics in Cancer Molecular Therapeutic
Fan, T. W-M., Lane, A.N., Higashi, R.M
Current Opinion in Molecular Therapeutics, 2004, 6: 584-592

Metabolomics-Edited Transcriptomics Analysis of Se Anticancer Action in human lung cancer cell
Fan, T.W-M., Bandura, L.L., Higashi, R.M., Lane, A.N.
Metabolomics, 2005, J., 1: 325-339

Integrating Metabolomics and Transcriptomis for Probing Se Anticancer Mechanisms
Fan, T. W-M., Higashi, R.M., Lane, A.N.
Drug Metabolism Reviews, 2006, 38: 1-25

Isotopomer-based metabolomic analysis by NMR and mass spectrometry
Lane A.N.  Fan, T. WM., & Higashi R.M.
In: Biophysical Techniques: A Volume of Methods in Cell Biology, Edited by John J. Correia and H. William Detrich, III, Academic Press, Chapter 22
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