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Michael H. Nantz


Michael H. Nantz
Division: Organic Chemistry
Specialty: Synthesis
Phone: 502-852-8069
Website: Group Web Page

Education and Research Experience

1981 B.S.   Western Kentucky University
1987 Ph.D. Purdue University
1987-1989 MIT
1989-2006 UC Davis

Research Interests

Vectors for non-viral gene therapy
Drug delivery
Functionalized nanoparticles
Synthetic methodology



Problems in Organic Synthesis
H Palandoken, MH Nantz and GS Zweifel
WH Freeman & Co.: New York, 2009; ISBN: 1-4292-5592-7 (305 pages).
Modern Organic Synthesis: An Introduction
GS Zweifel and MH Nantz.
WH Freeman & Co.: New York, 2006; ISBN: 0-7167-7266-3 (504 pages).

Solutions Manual for Modern Organic Synthesis
MH Nantz, H Palandoken and GS Zweifel.
WH Freeman & Co.: New York, 2006; ISBN: 0-7167-7494-1 (218 pages).

Journal Articles

Aminooxy Cationization Reagents.
S Biswas, X Huang, WR Badger and MH Nantz
Tetrahedron Letters 2010, 51, 1727–1729.

The Benefit of Hydrophobic Domain Asymmetry on Transfection as Measured by In Vivo Imaging.
MH Nantz, CW Dicus, B Hilliard, S Yellayi, S Zou and JG Hecker
Molecular Pharmaceutics 2010, 7, 786-794.

Physico-Chemical Characterization of Polylipid Nanoparticles for Gene Delivery to the Liver.
MT Nyunt, CW Dicus, Y-Y Cui, MC Yappert, TR Huser, MH Nantz and J Wu
Bioconjugate Chemistry 2009, 20, 2047-2054.

Activation of CFTR by UCCF-029 and Genistein.
L Al-Nakkash, MF Springsteel, MJ Kurth and MH Nantz
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2008, 18, 3874-3877.

A Flexible Method for the Conjugation of Aminooxy Ligands to Pre-Formed Complexes of Nucleic Acids and Lipids.
JG Hecker, GO Berger, KA Scarfo, S Zou and MH Nantz
ChemMedChem 2008, 3, 1356-1361.

A  Mild, Catalyst-Free Synthesis of 2-Aminopyridines.
B Poola, W Choung and MH Nantz
Tetrahedron 2008, 64, 10798-10801.

Whole Animal In Vivo Imaging After Transient Nonviral Gene Delivery to the Rat Central Nervous System.
ES Hauck, S Zou, K Scarfo, MH Nantz and JG Hecker
Molecular Therapy 2008, 16, 1857-1864.
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