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John F. Richardson (Retired)

Director of Honors Program, College of Arts and Sciences

John F. Richardson
Division: Inorganic Chemistry
Specialty: Physical-Inorganic and X-ray Crystallography Chemistry
Phone: 502-852-7069

Education and Research Experience

1976 B.S.   University of Western Ontario, Canada
1981 Ph.D. University of Western Ontario, Canada

Research Interests

  • structure/function relationships in catalytic systems
  • molecular stacking
  • phase transitions
  • structure and bonding in main group chemistry
  • low coordinate and low valent unsaturated non-metals
  • solid acids such as zeolites and silico-aluminates
  • catalytic systems
  • conformational studies of oligosaccharides
  • inorganic cage compounds

Publications (recent or significant)

Bistabilities in 1,3,2-Dithiazolyl Radicals
Jaclyn L. Brusso, Owen P. Clements, Robert C. Haddon, Mikhail E. Itkis, Alicea A. Leitch, Richard T. Oakley, Robert W. Reed and John F. Richardson
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2004, 126, 8256-8265

Synthesis, characterization and crystal structures of Nickel(II) complexes containing sterically hindering Benzimidazole ligands
Philip D. Bauer, Mark S. Mashuta, Robert J. O'Brien, John F. Richardson and Robert M. Buchanan
J. Coord. Chem. 2004, 57, 361-372

Design and Synthesis of a 4-(2'-Pyridyl)-1,2,3,5-Dithiadiazolyl Cobalt Complex
Nigel G. R. Hearns, Kathryn E. Preuss, John F. Richardson and Sofi Bin-Salamon
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2005, 126, 9942-9943
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