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Danielle B. Franco

Assistant Professor

Danielle B. Franco
Division: Analytical
Speciality: Semiconductor-based Electrochemical Detection
Phone: 502-852-7229

Education and Research Experience

1996 B.A.   Universidade Federal do Parana - Brazil
2007 Ph.D. University of Louisville

Research Interests

Application of analytical chemistry in environmental analysis.

Publications (recent or significant)

R. S. Keynton, T. J Roussel, Jr., M. M. Crain, D. J. Jackson, D. B. Franco, J. F. Naber, K. M Walsh and R. P. Baldwin “Design and development of microfabricated capillary electrophoresis devices with electrochemical detection” Analytica Chimica Acta, 507, 2004 (95-105).
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