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Charles A. Trapp


Charles A. Trapp
Division: Physical Chemistry
Phone: 502-852-5968

Education and Research Experience

1958 B.S.   Loyola College
1960 M.S.  University of Chicago
1963 Ph.D. University of Chicago

Research Interests

Our research group is interested in the magnetic properties of matter; firstly, as a most important means of understanding the electronic structure of materials; and secondly, as a probe of some of their most exciting chemical and physical properties. As an example, we are studying the magnetic properties of free radicals formed from aromatic organic compounds with electron spin resonance in the hope of elucidating the mechanism of the carcinogenicity of these compounds. In addition, studies of transition metal ions in catalysts, high temperature superconductors, and photoacoustic crystals are beginning. Our experimental studies of these materials are carried out primarily with electron spin resonance spectroscopy, but also with electronic absorption spectroscopy and magnetic susceptibility measurements. Theoretical studies are done with a variety of molecular orbital calculations.

Publications (recent or significant)

Solutions Manual to Physical Chemistry
P. W. Atkins and C. Trapp
W. H. Freeman and Co., Publishers, New York, 1999

A Mathcad Primer for Physical Chemistry
M. P. Cady and C. A. Trapp
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1999

Acquisition of Manganous Ions by Mutans Streptococci
R. D. Bauer, C. Trapp, D. Drake, K. G. Taylor, and R. J. Doyle
J. Bacteriology, 1993, 175, 819
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