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Center for Neighborhoods supplemental list

The Center for Neighborhoods has a sizable collection of planning-related documents. [need to clarify wording here about public access to CFN archives]

Please note that items are listed in chronological order.

A Place to Live. 1974. Louisville and Jefferson County Planning Commission. [Housing report]

Affordable Housing Forum. 1976.

Center City Parking. 1976.

Center City Plan Update. 1979. Louisville Central Area, inc.

Limerick Action Plan. 1981.

Louisville Economic Inventory. 1981. Chamber of Commerce.

A Living Downtown. 1983. Preservation Alliance. [Downtown residential report]

Russell Neighborhood Development. 1983

Shawnee Neighborhood Plan. 1983.

California Shopping Center Plan. 1985.

Parkland Business District. 1985.

Forecast Louisville. 1987. Chamber of Commerce. [Regional economic plan]

Parkland Urban Renewal Plan. 1988.

Oak Street Business Accountant's Report. 1991.

Empowerment Zone Project - Strategic Overview. 1994.

Park DuValle Consumer Preference Research. 1997.

Park DuValle Transformation. 1997. Environmental Scan.

City of Louisville Consolidated Plan. 2000-2004.

Undated items

Park Hill Report. Center for Neighborhoods.

Park Hill Master Plan.

Making Connections - West Louisville Community Alliance Building.

Making Connections - Neighborhood Profiles of Child and Family Well-being. Urban Studies Institute.

US Marine Hospital Report.

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