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Brownfields 1The Center for Environmental Policy and Management (CEPM) seeks to provide research and technical assistance to local, state, and tribal governments, businesses and nonprofit organizations regarding sustainable environmental policy and program development and evaluation.  The work of the CEPM is framed by attention to equity and just outcomes in policy making. Our goal is to increase the capacity of individuals and organizations to participate in equitable and just environmental decision making. The CEPM is a member of the Environmental Finance Center Network (EFCN) which allows us to access environmental experts from across the country from 10 different academic institutions.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection has received two proposals for cleaning up the Black Leaf Chemical Site. UofL obtained copies of the proposals that are under review by the State via FOIFA. They can be accessed here.


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Current Projects


Brownfield Community Benefits Assessment Project

Organics Recovery Toolkit for Universities and Colleges

Germantown/Shelby Park Rail Corridor Area Wide Plan

Blackleaf Chemical Site

Safe Urban Garden Development Program, Louisville, KY


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