CCHS Faculty Fellows Program

2017-2018: Affect, Emotion,Sensation

The Commonwealth Center for Humanities and Society invites applications for up to six CCHS Internal Faculty Fellows* around the selected theme for 2017-2018: AFFECT, EMOTION, SENSATION.

This year’s theme explores the significance of affect, emotion, and sensation for humanistic research. Might emotion be a route to knowledge, implicated even in those forms of scholarship that pride themselves on objectivity and reasoned response? How can we see the affective dimension of experience as indispensable to the production, reception, understanding, and criticism of art? What are the relations between emotion and sensation: do we (must we) understand feelings as embodied? What are the histories of affect, emotion, and sensation and of human experiences of them? Can we think with and through “attachment,” theorize its role in reading and response? Can there be an ethics of feeling, an epistemology of trauma, a politics of empathy, or an aesthetics of sentimentalism? To what extent might gender, racial, and national identities have an irreducibly affective dimension? This year’s theme invites faculty to bring new perspectives to scholarship on the nature and significance of affect. 

  • Fellows are required to be in residence during the academic year, to present one lecture or one workshop on their research, and to participate regularly in the activities and organization of the Humanities Research Lab while completing their own research projects.
  • Fellows will play a role in shaping CCHS programming for the academic year, from inviting distinguished guest speakers to finding innovative ways to share scholarship with our arts and culture partners in the community.
  • Fellows will generate a new undergraduate or graduate course driven by their research and the scope of the CCHS theme within two years of the end of the fellowship period.
  • Fellows will receive one course release.
  • Fellows will receive a supplemental research/travel stipend from CCHS estimated at $1,500.

Applications are due December 16, 2016, and require a current CV, a proposal of up to 1,000 words describing the project to be pursued while a Fellow, and a letter of support from the faculty member’s department chairperson.

Please email all materials to the CCHS Program Coordinator, Tracy Heightchew, . Fellows will be appointed by the Dean, as recommended by the CCHS Director and Advisory Board, and will named in January 2017.

*CCHS seeks to create an intellectually diverse group of faculty fellows who will benefit from conducting their research in a multidisciplinary setting. Fellowships are open to all A&S faculty engaged in humanistic scholarship. CCHS Advisory Board members are not eligible to apply.