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Student Employment: How do YOU find a part-time job?


Working while in college, beyond the financial gains, can also give you experience that will enhance your education and career experience. Below is a summary of reasons why many students work a job while in school.

·        Obtain additional financial resources and/or reduce the amount of additional educational financing

·        Gain experience interacting and networking with professionals

·        Opportunity to experience various career options first hand

·        Gain valuable and practical career experience

·        Opportunity to enhance fundamental career skills such as communication, time management and customer service

·        Develop a sense of community and involvement with the University of Louisville and/or Louisville

The University of Louisville hires thousands of students to work in various positions all over campus. From computer lab monitors, receptionists, and food service employees, to yoga instructors, research assistants and peer advisors, almost every department or office on campus is seeking students to work in their department at some point during the year. It is important to understand the different types of student employment and how best to go about finding the type of student employment for which you are interested in and qualify.

This site will provide you with resources and information about employment opportunities for students. If you’re a student who is looking for a job, you’ve come to the right place!

On-Campus Student Employment   

On-campus student employment opportunities are  part-time jobs offered by any number of campus departments that do not require students to be college work study eligible in order to be qualified to work. The Library, Residence Life and the Department of Intramurals are the largest employers of on-campus student employees on the Belknap campus.

Ways to find positions:

Symplicity – Most campus departments list their positions on Symplicity. You can search positions by federal work-study, part-time on-campus and part-time off campus designations.

Part-time Job Fair – Held annually at the beginning of the fall semester, this employment fair features dozens of campus departments looking to hire students. Usually held in the Red Barn, you are encouraged to stop by and browse through the tables, talk to the employer representatives and gather information about exciting opportunities. This year’s fair is August 27, 11-2 in the Red Barn.

Departmental Websites – Several departments and colleges post vacant positions on their websites. A quick scan of the website for the department you’re interested in working in may yield information about available positions. You can also call and ask each department you are interested in.

Direct Contact – For many, the best way to find a job is to hit the pavement. Physically going to the departments during their business hours and asking about employment opportunities may result in successful job placement. Many departments hire only a few students and don’t utilize more formal on-campus hiring resources, like Symplicity.  

Off-Campus Student Employment

Off-campus employment opportunities are not affiliated with the University. The employers who participate in hiring UofL students are quite vaired, offering a wide range of opportunities, pay ranges and hours of work.

Symplicity  is one of the very best ways to find part-time employment off campus. A wide variety of organizations and private individuals list local part-time positions through Symplicity. The search function allows students to easily look for part-time, off campus positions in Louisville.

 Web Resources on the Career Development Center’s Webpage - There are many online job listings that allow students to search in the Louisville area. The Career Web Resources list on the Career Services website lists many of these sites.

Direct Contact For many, the best way to find a job is to hit the pavement. Physically going to the business and asking about employment opportunities may result in successful job placement.

Federal Work Study  - General Overview 

The Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) is a federal financial aid program that provides funding for students to work in part-time jobs on and off campus. In order to qualify for FWS, you must apply for financial aid and show documented financial need. This program provides opportunities for employment related to your course of study. FWS employment provides beneficial resume-building experience/training and can lead to career opportunities while still in school.

FWS employment is better than normal employment because the earnings are removed from income on the Free Application for Financial Aid. Therefore your earnings are not considered when figuring your "financial need" for future financial aid. If you were not awarded FWS, you may contact the UofL Financial Aid Office to see if you qualify.

How to find a Work-Study Position

When you log into Symplicity  click on the Jobs link at the top, look for Position Type and then simply select Federal Work Study (FWS)” from the drop down menu. This will give you a listing of current federal work-study positions both on and off campus.

Student Employment vs. Staff Employment at UofL 

Students may consider applying for  full-time,  part-time or temporary positions at the University of Louisville. There are several benefits associated with being a classified staff member, including qualified tuition reduction, benefits (such as health insurance), and other advantages.

One of the major differences between student employment and staff employment is your role at the University. If you are a student employee, your primary role is to be a student. If you are a staff employee, your primary role is as an employee and any time you get off to take classes, is at the discretion of your employing department.

 Here  are a few point to consider that will help you determine which kind of position may be right for you. If you are interested in applying to be a University of Louisville staff member, these positions will be listed on the University of Louisville’s Human Resources website .

Student Employment

·        Part-time employee who is concurrently enrolled at UofL with the primary goal of achieving a degree.

·        Employment is interim or temporary in nature and is incidental to the pursuit of an academic program. No guarantee of employment implied or otherwise.

·        Non-benefits eligible.

Staff Employment

Students are eligible to apply, yet there are some differences:

·        Regular Staff - positions regularly scheduled for 20 hours/week or more and are expected to be active for more than 6 months; benefits eligible.

·        Part-time Staff - positions regularly scheduled for less than 20 hours/week and that are expected to be active for more than 6 months; not benefits-eligible.

·        Temporary Staff - positions which are expected to be active for less than 6 months; non-benefits eligible

When to Start Looking for a Job

Once a student has gone to a new student orientation and has received their student id number , they are able to log into Symplicity and look at the listings for both on and off campus positions. Campus departments cannot hire a new student until the first day of classes; however, students can contact departments listing positions and indicate their interest in the position at any time. Off-campus employers can hire students at any time.

Getting Paid

The rate of pay for on-campus student positions and any subsequent raises, are set by the hiring department or the off campus employer.  In some cases, minimum wage is required and in other cases, an employer does not have to pay minimum wage. 


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