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Mock Interviews

Completing a mock interview is one of the best ways to prepare for an actual interview. Our office consistently receives feedback from students who report that the most helpful preparation for their interview was participating in a mock interview with the Career Development Center. We also receive feedback from academic programs on campus that it is apparent which candidates went through a mock interview with our office prior to their admission interview.

What makes them so helpful? It allows you to gain experience and practice answering questions that you are likely to be asked in an interview. Then, by reviewing the interview with a Career Coach, you can gain a more accurate view of how others see you during an interview.

The Career Development Center recommends that all students complete at least one mock interview before they graduate. Mock interviews are not only essential for employment interviews, but highly recommended for any type of interview, including internships, scholarship or graduate school.

The mock interview appointment is scheduled for anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. This will give you enough time to complete the actual interview and then discuss it with your Career Coach. Call 852.6701 to schedule an appointment.

Your Career Coach can tailor the mock interview to your particular needs; from general interviewing skills to preparing for a specific position or organization. At the time you make your appointment, please provide the reception staff with as much information as possible, including: type of interview (academic or employment), type of position, and organization (school/type of program or company). If you have a description of the position to which you are interviewing, feel free to provide a copy to the Career Coach conducting your interview in advance. This will assist them in preparing tailored questions.  If you do not provide this information, or simply want to focus your mock interview on general interview skills, the nature of the questions will be general in nature.

The Career Development Center highly recommends you see a Career Coach prior to your mock interview in order to gain the most from your experience. In that meeting, you can discuss general strategies and individual areas of concern. You can also tell your Career Coach more about what you’re interviewing for, and what you’d like to gain from the mock interview. Some individual, however, prefer to go into the experience “cold” to establish a “baseline” from which to grow from.

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