They say 'It's all about who you know'

By: UCC Career Coaches

It’s all about who you know
Did you know that as many as 85% of jobs are found due to networking? Some estimate that as many as 80% of new jobs are not advertised but instead are filled either internally or through networking. When searching for a job, it is wise to devote time into building your professional network rather than pouring through the many online listings. While job searching online is also strategy you can use, networking can help to speed up your search. So how can you start to build your professional network? The University Career Center recommends that you consider joining a professional association(s) that relates to your major or career path to begin connecting with industry professionals and commit to professional development.
Student Memberships
Professional associations provide many networking and educational opportunities that can help you to start and advance your career. Don’t wait until after you graduate! If you join a professional association while you are a student, you will likely qualify for a discounted rate.  In addition to networking, professional associations can provide access to the latest industry information, supplemental training, news, and other resources to connect what you are learning in the classroom. Plus, you can add the details to your resume and show future employers that you are dedicated to education and professional development.
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To discover global, state, and local professional associations that relate to your major or career path, check out the University Career Center’s FREE resource to you – What Can I Do With This Major? Whether you are exploring majors or searching for information about your chosen field, this resource can help! Learn typical career areas, types of employers that hire in these fields, as well as strategies to make you a more marketable candidate, including links to professional associations and employment opportunities.