Most Incoming UofL Students Not Totally Sure of Major and Career


During summer 2019, the UCC teamed up with the Ulmer Career Center from the College of Business and the Speed School of Engineering’s Career Centers to meet with incoming students during orientation.  Students learned about the various career services offered around the University and how to access assistance.  The three career centers met with a total of 1,048 incoming students. 

Career center staffers surveyed students during the meetings about their level of confidence in their career goals and choice of major.   The results indicated a considerable level of uncertainty, replicating results from previous incoming classes.

When asked how confident they were in choice of major, 441 students responded.  

* 42% were “very confident”

* 58% were only “somewhat confident” or “not confident at all”

Since 2016, a total of 1,739 responses have been tallied for that survey question.   The cumulative results over the four-year period are nearly identical to 2019. 

 When asked how confident they were with current career goals, 548 members of the incoming class of 2019 responded.

* 38% were “very confident

* 62% were only “somewhat confident” or “not confident at all”

 Since 2016, a total of 2,117 responses to that question have been tallied.   Cumulatively:

* 33% were “very confident”

* 67% were only “somewhat confident” or “not confident at all”

Some of the greatest concerns of incoming students include not knowing what they want to do for the rest of their life, the cost of their degree, finding a job that connects to their major after graduation, the consequences of changing majors, and committing to a major/career that they will enjoy (and that will pay) “for the rest of their life.” 

UCC Director Bill Fletcher says the results point toward increasing significance of career services at UofL.  “This highlights the importance of career programming across the entire student experience, from freshman to senior year.  Career Development is not just a senior year experience.”