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Writing a resume may seem difficult at first, but we're here to help. You can find comfort in the fact there is no "right" or "only" way to write or format a resume. What matters the most is the content. A standout resume can put you ahead of your competition, especially if it is preceded by a stellar cover letter

Getting Started

  • Do not use templates: they are hard to format, they all look alike, and they do not send well electronically.
  • Make your name slightly larger, usually somewhere between sizes 14 and 18 pt. This will make your name stand out to an employer who is overwhelmed with resumes.


  • Try using italicsbold or CAPITALIZATION for section headings or job titles, but be consistent throughout your resume and avoid over-formatting.
  • Make sure there is a consistent amount of white space (space without text) on your resume; avoid large open spaces and too much clutter.
  • Use the tab function, not the space bar, to line things up perfectly.

Making Space

  • Decrease margins if space is needed, but not smaller than 0.5” all the way around.
  • Be sure approximately 2/3 of the second page will be utilized if you decide to use one.

Other Tips

  • Avoid the use of any color other than black.
  • When sending a resume to an employer electronically, send the file in .pdf maintain the formatting.

Overall Impression

  • Will your resume make a strong, positive, professional impression on the reader?
  • Is your resume the most professional “snapshot” presentation of your ability to complete a task effectively and successfully?

You can find more resume information and tips, as well as an example, on our comprehensive resume checklist.

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