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Departmental Focus for 2013-2014

Change focus of career services delivery in response to campus needs and job market

·        Shift student focus to career exploration phase of career development process

·        Shift employer development focus to increase use of and connection to alumni for all programming efforts

·        Increase communication/marketing/advertising with students, staff, faculty, administration

·        Increase quality of general on-line resources and school/college specific on-line resources

·        Collect and share better documentation of the worth of our work          

1) Expand Alumni Career Services Program

·        Create new tab for Alumni

·        Provide additional resources on webpage specific to alumni

·        Create and Implement Alumni Career Mentoring Program

·        Offer Job Search Workshops for Alumni in support of Alumni Office Programming

·        Offer Networking Nights program in support of Alumni Office Programming

 2) Focus on Student Career Awareness and Intervention

·        Create and populate a Resource Library Tab on Webpage

·        Make all workshops available on-line

·        Expand Career Spotlights into all colleges at the rate of three per semester, each focusing on a different major using alumni as presenters

·        Create process to identify and target major changing students and students at academic risk

·        Increase student awareness of Symplicity, increase # student registrants and resumes uploaded.

·        Increase number of grad school prep workshops

 3) Focus on Staff and Faculty Career Awareness

·        Expand On-campus Employment Program

·        Increase communication with target groups concerning all initiatives

·        Assigned Career Coach will routinely attend  and report at college/school faculty meetings

 4) Create and execute office wide, annual marketing plan

·        Increase outreach (communication) to students

·        Increase outreach (communication) to staff (academic advisors) and faculty and Deans

·        Increase outreach (communication) to alumni

·        Use I drive to share marketing plan and all associated publications, flyer, documents, forms

·        Create per event marketing plan

·        Create event marketing request form

·        Create office logo/header to be used on webpage and all office publications

·        Create and manage a coordinated facebook, linkedIn an Twitter plan

·        Standardize and make available on-line one comprehensive document for each career development topic (Career Planning Overview, Resume Writing, Coverletter Writing, Interviewing)

·        Coordinate all internal and external calendars to advertise upcoming career events

 5) Expanded On-line Resources

·        Launch Interfolio to students and faculty in the fall

·        Launch Interview Stream to students and faculty in the fall

·        Make all workshops available on-line

·        Review entire website for broken links, errors or the need for updated information, navigation issues

·        Create webpage tabs for Alumni, Parents, Resource Library and change how we use the calendar tab

·        Improve webpage info for faculty

·        Utilize Symplicity to host first Virtual Career Fair

·        Use staff to research subject areas for Resource Library Tab

·        Cancel Vault

 8) CDC Staff Development

·        Begin CDF training program    

·        Revise Career Coach Goals to encompass new focus – meet with each coach to complete revision and discuss how this will affect their school/college

·        Schedule Office Clean Up Day in preparation for Fall

·        Staff Retreat to kick of fall semester and welcome new GA

·        Introduce staff and train on the use all newly added on-line resources/tools

·        Improve the consistency with which staff use simplicity to record student appointment notes

 9) Program Evaluation

·        Utilize simplicity to collect graduate follow-up data from current registrants

·        Post on the web the results of our graduate follow-up data collected through senior surveys

·        Collect program evaluation feedback for presentations, workshops, career spotlights, events etc. and develop process for analysis of feedback

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