Spring 2015 Meal Plan Selection Form

Students may make changes to their meal plan through Thursday, January 15, 2015. If you are satisfied with your default plan, you do not need to complete this form.

All students living on campus and all commuters classified as full time attending at least 9 credit hours on Belknap Campus are automatically assigned a default plan.  The plan is pre-loaded onto the Cardinal Card and charged to the tuition account.  You only need to submit this form if you want to change to a different plan.

Pricing changes submitted through this form will be reflected on your tuition account within 2 business days.

Please carefully review all meal plan descriptions before making your selection.

Please choose your current meal plan (this is the plan currently charged to your student tuition account):

Please select your new meal plan. You cannot switch to a plan valued less than what is currently charged to your student account.
You may select any plan valued higher than your current charge. The new charge will be applied to your tuition account.
$1460 Tier Plans
For students living in Center Hall, Community Park, Kurz Hall, Louisville Hall, Miller Hall, Threlkeld Hall, Unitas Tower, Wellness House or West Hall.

$930 Tier Plans
For students living in Bettie Johnson Hall or University Tower Apartments.

$175 Tier Plans
For commuter students classified as full-time and attending at least 9 credit hours on the Belknap Campus.

By pressing 'Submit' I authorize the Cardinal Card Office to change my meal plan, as selected above.  I understand that choosing a meal plan of a higher value will result in additional charges to my tuition account, which will need to be settled with the Bursar’s Office as soon as possible. 

Additional Option

Off-Campus Dining (Cardinal Cash)                  $Your choice

Cardinal Cash is a voluntary account that is loaded on your Cardinal Card and can be used at participating off-campus dining locations.  Cardinal Cash provides additional variety and flexibility by giving the student more choices and late-night hours at many of the locations.

Cardinal Cash never expires and is fully refundable upon separation (graduation, withdrawal, etc.) from the University if the balance is greater than $20.00.  To add money to your Cardinal Cash account, visit Cardinal Card Online or stop by our office.  You may add money online using a credit card or in our office using a credit card, check, or cash.