Cardinal Card Online Photo Submission

Please note: This process is only available to students attending summer or transfer orientation sessions. All other students starting in the Fall should report to the Cardinal Card Office starting August 1, 2014, or if you are starting in the Spring, December 18, 2014.

Submit Photo (review specifications below)

Every student is required to have a Cardinal Card. This card confirms that you are a University of Louisville student and indicates you are entitled to the rights, privileges and responsibilities of a student.  The Cardinal Card functions as your ID card, meal card, and library card, among many other uses.

Your photo must conform to the following specifications:

  • The photo must be a recent, color, head and shoulder passport style photo no older than 6 months.
  • Face must be clearly visible and facing forward - no profile shots. Background must be solid white or off-white background with no other objects showing.
  • Please no sunglasses, baseball-style caps, or novelty headgear in your photo. Headpieces worn for religious purposes are acceptable.
  • Blurry or out-of-focus photos are not acceptable.
  • The picture file must be in jpeg format.
  • Student must be the only person in the picture.
  • No graduation caps, gowns, or costumes.
  • No copyrighted photos.



  1. Verify that you are eligible to submit a photo online.
  2. Create an acceptable digital photo (using specifications above).  Photos are subject to the approval of the Cardinal Card Office.
  3. Submit photo (photo must be submitted by 5:00pm EST on the business day prior to the first day of your orientation session).
  4. Pick up your card and turn in your agreement form.