Secondary Alternate Logos

Alternate sub-brand marks continue to extend the university’s identity while at the same time adapting to specific design constraints. Colleges, schools and other UofL entities that qualify for a sub-brand mark have the option to use an alternate signature if the design or layout necessitates.

The implementation (shown below) should be used primarily where a more strict horizontal orientation is required.

image with example logos

Unacceptable Mark Usage

image with example logos being abused

  1. Do not replace the monogram
  2. Do not add the tagline or additional text
  3. Do not add icons or graphic elements

Clear Space

Observe the clear space around the logo to maximize visual effectiveness. Nothing should intrude into this specified clear space.

image with example logos showing just how much space to put around it

The radius of the Clear Zone for the secondary alternate logo must equal the size of a box represented in the blue box labeled “A” (half of the height of the “U”). This is then used to measure the space surrounding the mark: above, below and to the side of two parallel lines.

The radius of the Clear Zone between the Monogram and the entity name must equal the size of a box represented in the blue box labeled “B” (width of the “L” in the Monogram).

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