2018 Social Justice Research Paper Award winners

2018 Graduate Winner: Bamba Ndiaye (Comparative Humanities), “African American Evangelic Missions and Social Reforms in the Congo: The Activism of Reverend William Henry Sheppard

Abstract: Forthcoming

2018 Undergraduate Winner: Taylor Ratliff, “Social Capitalization: America's Argument for Affirmative Action”

America is a land that perceives a high capitalization rate, demonstrated as social capitalization that represents the American Dream. Within higher education, affirmative action policies and related financial aid exist to grant opportunities to minority students through admissions policies and exclusive scholarships. Such policies are necessary because minority students, with African American and Hispanic/Latino students in particular, have culturally and historically been disadvantaged within the realm of academia. This paper draws from Supreme Court cases, scholarly articles, podcasts, news articles, reported studies, and many other sources to prove the need for affirmative action policies for African American and Hispanic/Latino students. The overarching support for this paper comes from the history of integration and affirmative action, the achievement gap as it pertains to minority teachers, and the manifestation of social capitalization. The paper concludes with the cultural and social disparage among races and the short- and long-term goals for social capitalization within academia.