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Russ Prough

- updated active grants.



1.     “UofL Environmental Health Sciences Training Program”, Training Grant T32 ES11564, D.W.  Hein (P.I.), R.A. Prough, Co-P.I., 07/01/04-06/30/14, Annual Direct Cost $348,149 (Current, 5% effort).

2.     "MicroRNA in Accelerating Aging and Transgenic Mice", Contract OICN 110854 with Advanced Genomic Technology, LLC. R.A. Prough, (P.I.)  01/01/2011-06/30/12, $23,418 (Current, 2% effort)

3.     “Summer Environmental Health Sciences Training Program", Grant 1 T35 ES 014559-06, R.A. Prough (P.I.), C.J. McClain, Co-P.I., S. Srivastava, Co-P.I., 04/01/11-03/31/16; Annual Direct Cost $32,728; Total Direct Cost, $163,640 (5% effort).

4.     “PCBs Worsen Obesity/Metabolic Syndrome Through Toxic Metabolic Endotoxemia”, Grant 1R01ES021375-01, M. Cave, P.I., and R. Prough, Co-P.I. 03/01/12-2/28/16. (10% effort)

- updated recent (2011-2012) publications.

1.  “Role of xenobiotic metabolism in cancer: involvement of transcriptional and miRNA regulation of P450s“, V. Tamasi, K. Monostory, R.A. Prough, and A. Falus, Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, 68, 1131–1146 (2011). [PMID: 21184128; PMCID Pending]

2.   “Murine hepatic aldehyde dehydrogenase 1a1 is a major contributor to oxidation of aldehydes formed by lipid peroxidation”  N.L. Makia, P.Bojang., K.C. Falkner, D.J. Conklin, and R.A. Prough, Chemico-biological Interactions, 191, 278-287 (2011) [PMID: 21256123; PMCID Pending]

3.   “Aldehyde reduction by cytochrome P450", I. Amunom, S. Srivastava and R.A. Prough, In: Current Protocols in Toxicology, Chapter 4, Unit 4.37, J. Wiley & Sons, New York, NY (2011).[ PMID:21553396; PMCID: PMCID:PMC3110767]

4.   “Cytochromes P450s catalyze the reduction of α,β-unsaturated lipid aldehydes”, I. Amunom, L.J. Dieters, V. Tamasi, J. Cai, D.J. Conklin, S. Srivastava, M.V. Martin, F.P. Guengerich, and R.A. Prough, Chemical Research in Toxicology, 24,1223-30 (2011) [PMID: 21766881; PMCID:PMC3180908]

5.   "Acrolein-induced dyslipidemia and acute-phase response are independent of HMG-CoA reductase", D.J.Conklin, R.A. Prough, P. Juvan, T. Rezen, D. Rozman, P. Haberzettl, S. Srivastava and A. Bhatnagar. Molecular and Nutritional Food Research, 55, 1411–1422 (2011) [PMID: 21812109; PMCID: Pending]

6.   “Differential programming of p53-deficient embryonic cells during rotenone block”, M.L. Green, A.V. Singh, L.B. Ruest, M.M. Pisano, R.A. Prough, and T.B. Knudsen, Toxicology, 290:31-4 (2011). [PMID:  21893155; PMCID:PMC3243495]

7.   “Metabolomic analysis of the effects of polychlorinated biphenyls in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease”, X. Shi, B. Wahlang, X. Wei,X. Yin, K.C. Falkner, R.A. Prough, S.H. Kim, C.J. McClain, M. Cave and X. Zhang, Journal of Proteomic Research, In Press (2012) [PMID: 22686559; PMCID: Pending]

8.   “Transcriptional regulation of the Murine aldehyde dehydrogenase 1a1 gene by AP-1 signaling. N.M. Makia, I. Amunom, K.C. Falkner, D.J. Conklin, S. Surapureddi, J.A Goldstein, and R.A. Prough, Molecular Pharmacology, In Press (2012) [PMID: 2274064; PMCID: Pending]

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