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Ratnam S. Seelan

Active Grants:


Mood Stabilizing Medications and the Inositol Signaling System (2010-2014).  Dept. of Veterans Affairs; Co-I (PI: Dr. R. Parthasarathy).

2011-2012 publications

1.         Seelan RS, Pisano MM, Greene RM, Casanova MF & Parthasarathy R.   Differential methylation of the gene encoding myo-inositol synthase (Isyna1) in      rat tissues.Epigenomics, 3, 111-24 (2011).


2.         Stagner JI, Seelan RS, Parthasarathy RN. Maintenance of aerobic metabolism    increases immunoisolated islet survival. Islets, 3, 89-92 (2011).


3.         Rezzoug F, Seelan RS, Bhattacherjee V, Pisano MM & Greene RM.          Chemokine-mediated migration of mesencephalic neural crest cells. Cytokine,          56, 760-8 (2011).


4.         Seelan RS, Mukhopadhyay P, Pisano MM, Greene RM. Developmental   epigenetics of the murine secondary palate. ILAR Journal, 53 (2) (2012, in       press).

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