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Cara Cashon

Active grant: University of Louisville Research Initiation Grant (RIG), PI - “Development of Relational Face Processing in Infants” - 6/1/2011-5/31/2012; $5,000

2011-2012 publications:

Cashon, C. H., Ha, O., Allen, C. A., & Barna, A. C. (in press). A U-shaped relation between sitting ability and upright face processing in infants. Child Development.


Cashon, C. H. & DeNicola, C. A. (2011). Is perceptual narrowing too narrow? Journal of Cognition and Development, 12, 159-162. doi: 10.1080/15248372.2011.563483


Cashon, C. H. (2011). Development of specialized face perception in infants: An information-processing approach. To appear in L. M. Oakes, C. H. Cashon, M. Casasola, & D. H. Rakison (Eds.), Infant perception and cognition: Recent advances, emerging theories, and future directions. New York:  Oxford University Press.


Oakes, L. M., Cashon, C. H., Casasola, M., & Rakison, D. H (Eds.). (2011). Infant Perception and Cognition: Recent advances, emerging theories, and future directions.  New York:  Oxford University Press.

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